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A mind map stemming from the Brash logo with descriptive words describing the culture and values of the company.

Our Culture

At the soul of Brash lies a shared passion for learning and pushing not only the boundaries of design and engineering but pushing past personal limitations. We are a team of bold dreamers with the unstoppable energy and vision to be at the forefront of innovation and excellence.

A landscape black and white photo of employees working at their desks at Brash Product Development Inc.'s studio office.

We are designers. We are engineers. We are programmers. We are branders. We are parents to small humans. We are parents to varied sizes of plants. We are Seinfeld trivia champions. We are too young to know what that is. We are inspired by art and nature. We are inspired by Mariah Carey. We are even inspired by quotes like "it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye." We are people that can run 100km in 12 hours. We are people that received PhDs that took much longer than that. We are avid gamers. We are Germans that don't like beer. We are international skateboarders. We are people that fall asleep during movies. We are unrelenting in our drive to create.


We are Brash.

Carousel of industrial design awards won by Brash including the Red Dot Design Award, International Design Excellence Awards, Core77 Design Awards.
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