The team behind HINT (Hygiene Instrument Tutor) approached Brash to develop a unique tool for dental training. They wanted to build a simulation and training tool to measure how effectively dental hygienists clean teeth using the necessary tools.


Advanced Algorithms
Software Development

Algorithm Development and Setup

Test setup Development

3D Modelling Software

Brash developed a system which tracks the position and orientation of the dental instrument using a 3-D model of the tooth surface, ensuring the tool is used correctly. This sophisticated motion tracking system, proprietary positioning algorithms, and full training suite provides live feedback about the positioning of a periodontal hand instrument relative to a tool’s surface.

Tools such as this one did not exist previously. Brash built the algorithms to measure the reliables and to ensure the system was being used accurately. The Brash team focused on software, especially defining the measurement of angles and sensors in relation to the teeth.

For Use in Schools

For the first time ever, dental students and instructors have access to consistent and objective feedback that accelerates learning and allows for accurate assessments of performance. This new technology is the HINT.

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