Handicare Assist Portal

Handicare Assist Portal is a new application developed by Brash to help customers, dealers and manufacturers track their Handicare device usage and maintenance. Assist enables real-time monitoring of devices, identifies potential problems, and facilitates remote diagnostics.

Industrial Design


System Architecture

Advanced Algorithms

Systems Design

App Development


Software Development


User Experience Design

Interface Design

Brand Strategy and Development

Concept Generation



Preventative Maintenance

The Assist project is part of an ongoing partnership between Brash and Handicare. In developing Handicare’s ‘products of the future’, questions arose in how to create smarter, more innovative and technological methods of patient handling. Part of this initiative was to create a better support experience for customers, dealers, and manufacturers. Brash developed dedicated hardware that enables real-time monitoring of Handicare devices, provides alerts, and enables remote diagnostics of problems such as battery issues. This proactive approach allows for a better customer experience through preventative device maintenance.

Fully Integrated Into Existing Systems

Brash’s team worked to provide a completely integrated solution to multiple design and engineering challenges. Cloud-based infrastructure was built to relay data from existing devices to an interface that interprets data and displays information to users and technicians. Advanced sensing and algorithm development built in intelligence to be proactive by measuring, identifying and predicting events. UI/UX was designed within a dashboard to best display information to clients and technicians.

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