Handicare Branding

Part of Brash’s relationship with Handicare included a mandate to develop new concepts for all of their patient handling devices. Handicare was looking for new ways to add innovation and creativity to their existing and future product lines. They wanted fresh ideas on how to differentiate their products to stand out in a market where all patient handling devices look and feel similar. After careful examination, Brash proposed several concepts which could be implemented over both the short and long term. These concepts would not only unify Handicare’s brand identity, but would also add a much higher level of technology to their products, adding new features and value.

Industrial Design


Challenges associated with floor lifts centered around the idea of patient autonomy. Most floor lifts are manually operated and brought to patients. Brash worked at ways to install an automated system that would allow patients to summon the lift to their location through the use of a smartphone app. After use, the floor lift would automatically go back to its charging dock.

Stair lifts are Handicare’s most popular product. Brash looked at ways to revamp these devices, giving them a completely new look. They also sought out ways to make the at-home installation of customizable stair lifts more efficient by changing drive systems and allowing more optimized configuration. These improvements would also cut the delivery time from up to a month to one week.

Brash presented Handicare with several possible concepts and time frame to implement these changes into their current and upcoming product lines. Brash’s efforts gave Handicare multiple options for new features, added value and better, smarter products overall.

New Technology

Brash discovered several customer pain points that could be addressed with better technological solutions. Customers with ceiling lifts often feel shame in having to use the devices, and Brash examined options to make the lifts more discrete and integrated into the environment. These options included installing robotics to automatically fold the lift into a cabinet or ceiling trapdoor as well as making the ceiling lift rails more sleek and compact.

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