Intrex Asset Tracking

While working with Intrex to develop a replacement alert system, Brash was also asked to conduct data analytics for the company. Intrex had collected raw data of staff task completion from their care facilities, and needed Brash to organize and interpret that data. They were looking for a better understanding of how their employees completed tasks throughout the day in an effort to better optimize staff scheduling and improve the care of their clients.

Industrial Design

The raw data was collected by an existing application for task handling and organization. Tasks were assigned to employees and the app tracked time to completion. This was used to keep track of what assignments were completed, how many people it took per task, and which clients needed specific care. Brash analyzed this data, and built various estimates to translate it into useful information.

Estimates consisted of elements such as: the average time needed to complete each specific task, the number of tasks completed per day, the number of clients seen per hour, comparisons between locations, and total hours needed to complete all tasks. Brash translated this data to give Intrex a better understanding of how many staff were required based on number of residents and how many hours were required to complete all assignments per facility. From this analysis, Intrex was able to better staff their facilities according to the number of clients and effort required per hour. As a result, they were able to better care for their clients. Brash also completed some user interface design on the existing task tracking application to make it more intuitive for staff to use and collect more data.

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