The EmberOne Handwarmer was developed to meet the specific needs of competitive eSports athletes and help them perform at their peak. The EmberOne solves the problem of a gamer’s hands growing cold due to loss of circulation during play. The malleable silicone puck warms to an optimal temperature on a heating element. Complete with an iconic, sleek design, multiple features, and an intuitive user interface, the EmberOne is a complete turnkey product that allows eSports athletes to optimize and maximize their performance.

Industrial Design

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Electronic Integration

Brash partnered with NonZero to develop their first product to the eSports market. What came to Brash as an idea quickly grew in scope to a complete turnkey solution. Brash’s team designed and developed every aspect of this product– from its shape and feel to the electromechanical integration; from prototype production to manufacturing.

Radiant Heating

Brash developed a revolutionary heating technology to help quickly heat the warming pad to a desired temperature within a few minutes. The team focused on finding the correct temperature to give off enough heat without burning the skin. The resulting product delivered a warm and attractive product that was sought after by gamers and those just looking to warm up.

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