Very Intelligent Ecommerce Inc. (Vieci) is a global company that offers adult consumers a selection of life-enhancing sexually oriented products. Brash worked with Vieci to create the first male sex toy that uses artificial intelligence.

Brash worked to improve an existing product, Autoblow2 by providing mechanical and design solutions to improve sensation, size and noise output. More than 200,000 Autoblow2 devices have been sold worldwide.

For the Autoblow A.I., Brash completely reinvented the electronic and drive mechanisms. Brash made the device 50% quieter, three times more powerful, and developed a new motor and sleeve to improve sensation. Other features include a control mechanism for speed. Gripper and sleeves were designed to be one-size-fits-all and skin-like for enhanced sensation. Brash designed the electronic and drive mechanism that enabled the Vieci team to build artificial intelligence into the device.

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