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Asset Tracking Hardware

Velavu™ Asset Tracking Hardware

Velavu™ Hardware is built for Tough Jobs, Strong Weather and Precise Positioning

Industrial Design


Use Cases

Concept Generation

User Analysis

Material Research





UI/UX Design




System Architecture

Asset Tracking


PCB Design


Mechanical Design

Enclosure Design

Firmware Development

Dev Ops

Robust Product Design

Brash was tasked with the full development of the Velavu Asset tracking system, from concept straight through to full production logistics. Our team looked at all aspects of the product including the PCB, sensors and communication portals, battery technologies, robust casings designed for rough use and full IP67 waterproofing. The full Velavu system is designed for commercial and industrial uses such as construction, warehousing, hospital use and more. This means that all of the design and engineer must be done at the highest standards.

Keeping Things Small and Mighty

The complexity of the Velavu hardware really relies in how to keep the form factor minimal while getting as much output as possible. This is often dictated by battery size, signal strength, and information requests. Our engineers were able to get more than a years worth of life out of the size of a tag that is about the size of a quarter. This allows warehousing companies, shippers, farmers, construction teams to keep track of their tools and products with very little interference.