Zensur.io is an international company that sells motor, travel and health insurance products based upon sensor monitoring. Their products are designed to change in real time based on risk changes picked up by sensors. Zensur.io approached Brash looking for a solution for usage-based insurance (UBI). This system relies on collecting data from drivers and updating risk profiles accordingly.

The challenge lay in how to collect data from cellular devices to determine the quality of a driver over time. This information needed to answer questions related to a driver’s performance such as speeding, frequency of speeding, as well as how to determine what qualifies as a ‘good’ driver.

Brash created a system of sensors to collect data from people as they drove, and then applied advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to interpret that data. This data is then translated and compared to a driver scoring quality system. As the risk profile for each driver is updated, Zensur.io’s UBI system adapts and updates rates accordingly.

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