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Ampera™ Instant Covid Tester

COVID Results in Minutes

Ampera™ Pivot Covid Tester

Ampera, a healthcare technology company, created impressive proprietary technology that facilitates testing for COVID with near instant results. Our job was to work closely with our new client to design the device enclosure and ensure the reader's functionality in an operational setting. The benefits of an instant COVID tester like this are substantial, and we are honoured to have taken part. Ampera's new technology has the ability to detect specific strains, with smaller sized samples than currently on the market — making it highly sensitive and capable of delivering faster results. This device could be used virtually in real-time, offering huge benefits to keep people safe on cruise ships, sporting events, concerts, anywhere where there are large gatherings of people with the potential for adapting to a wide range of infections or diseases.


System Architecture

Asset Tracking


PCB Design


Mechanical Design

Enclosure Design

Firmware Development

Dev Ops

Industrial Design


Use Cases

Concept Generation

User Analysis

Material Research







Accurate Testing and Results

The reader works in tandem with a mobile/web app that allows users to scan their tests, log the date, and connect with the testing management system. This key integration with enterprise testing management will enable communication with lab systems for further analysis. Our team was responsible for incorporating wireless connectivity for that essential and seamless data transfer, including both WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. In this project, the electronics design played a vital role, as the design relied on us skilfully handling analog circuits to amplify very small voltage signals — crucial for detecting minute volumes and achieving higher accuracy.

Quick Push to Market

Another key focus in our work with Ampera was addressed design-for-manufacturing challenges within a short time-frame that still reflected a clean, minimalist design. This included finding solutions that considered assembly, scalability and manufacturing for mass production, but still created a finished product that works with Ampera's branding. This would result in a product enclosure that is white in colouring with rounded corners and a smooth, glossy finish that assured users that the product was hygienic, approachable and modern.

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