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B-Temia Keeogo

Custom AI for Exoskeleton


B-Temia develops, manufactures, and commercializes cutting edge biorobotic technology for human augmentation systems. Their wearable Dermoskeleton™ technology provides improved mobility, autonomy, and strength to users for military and civilian applications. The Dermoskelton™ technology incorporates an array of sensors and advanced artificial intelligence software for sensing mobility intentions and generating synchronized movements between the user and the device.



Advanced Algorithms

Embedded Programming

B-Temia ExoSkeleton

After the hardware platform was established, Brash stepped in to build upon the existing mobility sensing and motion synchronization algorithms. They developed custom algorithms which could readily be integrated into the existing hardware and software architecture. Brash’s improvements allowed the Dermoskeleton™ to more accurately deliver assistance to the user during critical activities such as standing, crouching, pulling or lifting heavy loads.


Brash has always been at the forefront of technology but especially with Robotics. We have helped a number of different firms with their robotics projects and are always on the cutting edge when it comes to new technologies and research.

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