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Cranio Facial Technologies

Developing Revolutionary Orthodontics

Cranio Facial Technologies

Craniofacial Technologies (CFT) is a start-up that aims to solve craniostructural issues which cause health problems. An example of such an issue is a narrow upper palate that causes breathing problems. These problems are usually solved by orthodontic devices during childhood, but solutions for adults are limited to invasive surgeries and painful bone remodeling.


System Architecture
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Mechanical Design

Enclosure Design

Firmware Development

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User Interface Design

Brand Strategy

Concept Generation

User Research



Parts Sourcing


CFT came to Brash with the goal of developing new solutions. Brash developed several devices for CFT, but the main project was a patented maxillary expander device, or MARPE (miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expansion). CFT needed an orthodontic device able to impart forward movement and growth of the maxillary skeletal complex, while maintaining a compact design.


The result was an orthodontic device with two separate pieces, an anchor and expander, that work together to apply pressure to the nine facial bones that articulate with the maxilla to slowly change its structure. This system uses a screw and palate pressure-based system. Brash completed extensive research and finite element analysis (FEA) to design and optimize the MARPE for stress distribution and biocompatibility. Brash developed every part of this highly specialized product. CFT’s MARPE is undergoing clinical trials.

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