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Revolutionary Rehabilitation


GaitTronics Inc. is an innovative rehabilitation robotics company that develops products to enable safe and effective rehabilitation therapy for patients. The company has designed a unique robotics powered gait trainer that empowers patients to walk and participate in physical therapy immediately after an acute illness or surgery.


System Architecture

Asset Tracking


PCB Design


Mechanical Design

Enclosure Design

Firmware Development

Dev Ops

Industrial Design


Use Cases

Concept Generation

User Analysis

Material Research





UI/UX Design



Turn Key Development

Brash’s involvement with SoloWalk started at the very beginning, and resulted in a complete turnkey solution. The project was a unique challenge in not only advanced human-robot interactions, but also in designing a look, shape and feel that addressed concerns about patient safety. All enclosure designs had to meet all requirements for medical devices and safety.

Patented Tech

The advanced algorithm, novel haptics, and human-robot interactions within SoloWalk move with the user to support all their movements while they walk. The patient’s safety is guaranteed by a proprietary intelligent control system that automatically prevents falls. For caregivers, SoloWalk automates the process of lifting patients out of bed, increases mobilization, prevents injuries and reduces care costs.

SoloWalk is commercially available and is one of Brash’s most challenging and advanced products to date. GaitTronics continues to develop innovative rehabilitation technologies that improve patient care, minimize staff workload and reduce patient care costs.

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