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Handicare™ Design and Branding

Clean and Classic

Handicare™ Family Design

Handicare™ International specializes in patient lifts and carriers for homes, elderly facilities and hospitals.

Industrial Design

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Brand Strategy and Development

Concept Generation

User Research


Iconic Unity

Working with Handicare™ for several years, Brash was asked to develop a new and ultimately timeless brand design that would give the Handicare line of products a distinct and identifiable look and feel. With such a large product offering, this was no easy task. Brash developed several variations of the design family and ultimately a single direction was selected.

Keeping with a Legacy

The design team focused on clean lines and modern styling to ensure things were easy to use and clean. A large focus was paid to ensuring the recognition of the products for those who had used them globally for decades.

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