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TissueScope UI

Intuitive Slide Scanning Software

Huron Digital Pathology™

Huron Digital Pathologies develops clinical imaging machines and software for large and small scale labs around the globe. Huron asked Brash to redevelop their Virtual Tissuescope software. This software is the primary one used by technicians when scanning and manipulating slides and samples. The primary goal for the redesign was to deliver a platform which is easier and more intuitive to navigate. Huron also desired a lighter and more approachable user interface.

Industrial Design

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Brand Strategy and Development

Concept Generation

User Research


Design Process

The Brash team began the redesign by assessing who would be using the software and understanding their needs. Once the needs of users were established, the development of the system architecture began with wireframing and flow diagrams. With the structure of the software in place, the face of it began to take shape.

Aesthetic Design

A number of aesthetic designs were put forth and tested to ensure that the icons, features and menus were all easy to understand and follow. After testing, refinements were made and graphical elements were tweaked. Ultimately, a final, polished version of the software was deployed and is included with all of Huron’s machines.

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