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Otis Dental™ Wellness App

Wellness and Good Health

Otis Dental™ Health App

There's a strong correlation between dental health, mental health, and our overall well-being. The founders at Otis partnered with Brash to expand their dental e-commerce company by creating a wellness mobile app to directly help people live better lives, reduce the impact of Bruxism, and improve their oral care and self-care routines.

UX + UI Design


User Analysis

Use Cases


Information Flow

System Architecture

Concept Generation


UI Design Guidelines

AB Testing

Asset Development


Front End Development

React Native


Asynchronous Storage


Health is Wealth

The mobile app we designed for Otis considers how to engage audiences without compromising the app’s focus— helping people set healthy routines using exercises, rewards, and progress tracking. Set up against a visual background that feels simple and calm, the planning and analysis of the UX required a lot of thought beyond functionality — incorporating the psychology of design needed to encourage users to set and maintain care goals without feeling shamed or overwhelmed by the app’s many features.

Soft and Calming

The UI we designed has an intentionally soft design language— featuring muted colours, rounded buttons, iconography, and a chosen font reflecting the same. Our designers carefully considered the curvatures of the letters, spacing, and the distinguishing lines and marks over the letters to remain minimal to maintain the user's focus on the app's purpose, improving their health in a safe digital space.

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