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Teeth Cleaning Tools for Professionals

Plaque Zero™

Plaquezero wanted Brash to create an alpha prototype of their patented Plaque Zero Oral Irrigation pump unit. The dental system is designed to clean teeth by removing dental biofilm through a custom fitting tray embedded with ports. These ports are connected to lines that run a cleaning fluid through the trays using a vacuum to irrigate the teeth. The purpose of this irrigation is to clean the teeth, dissolve dental biofilm, and treat and prevent gum disease.


PCB Design

Component Selection

Drive Mechanism

Electronic Design to accommodate

and features of operation

Material Research

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Assembly


Manufacturing Support

Industrial Design

Concept Development

Casing Concepts

Sleeve Design

Materials Research



Prototype Development

Brash’s team was tasked with creating a prototype of the pump unit. There were several challenges to overcome, such as building a pump that delivered adequate suction force to the tray, while also providing a way for venting of the waste fluid. There were also design challenges in making an aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic pump unit that was small enough to fit on a bathroom counter.

Proper Solution Mixing

Brash work diligently to develop a system that correctly incorporates the proper amount of cleaning liquid with water to ensure the best possible clean for patients. The system was tested tirelessly to make sure that the solution was at the correct dose for dental guidelines.

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