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Rythmos™ Charging Docks

Fast Charging Docks for Single and Multiple Users

Rythmos™ Charging Docks

Our long-term client, Intrex, provides a holistic suite of products used to improve the caregiving and monitoring of residents in care facilities. Our team at Brash worked alongside our client to develop solutions for monitoring residents with wearables devices and corresponding accessories. One of these accessories is a sleek and easy-to-use battery charger for these wearable devices.

Industrial Design


Use Cases

Concept Generation

User Analysis

Material Research





UI/UX Design




System Architecture

Asset Tracking


PCB Design


Mechanical Design

Enclosure Design

Firmware Development

Dev Ops

Super Fast Charging

We developed the charging docks in two sizes, one fit for a single unit and one for a five-unit dock. Using a simple charging pin connection, these docks fully charge one of our wearable devices in an hour and a half. While devices are charging, the dock will light up red and switch to a green light to indicate when the device has reached a full charge.

Design Lines

To maintain cohesion between products, our team of designers ensured each dock matched the aesthetic of the other Intrex suite of products to provide a cohesive brand experience.

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