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Rythmos™ Emergency Pull Switch

Secure Safety at Arms Reach

Rythmos™ Emergency Pull Switch

The Rythmos™ Emergency Switch gives a clear and distinct way for residents to signal an emergency by simply pulling down on the trigger. The trigger than signals a full emergency alarm which can be sent to the monitoring office or directly to emergency services.

Industrial Design


Use Cases

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User Analysis

Material Research





UI/UX Design




System Architecture

Asset Tracking


PCB Design


Mechanical Design

Enclosure Design

Firmware Development

Dev Ops

Quickly Identify an Emergency

The Emergency Switches are place around patient care facilities, hospitals and schools to allow for identification and verification of emergency situations. The switch is composed of a larger red toggle that requires the user push down to activate along with a red bell pull for those with limited dexterity, which can be pulled down to also trigger the alarm. The action areas are symbolized in an ‘emergency’ red colouring. A flashing red LED signals that the system has been triggered.

System Design

The robust design of the Emergency switch is meant to withstand decades of abuse and has an IP67 waterproof rating to ensure proper functioning, even outdoors. Each Emergency Switch is connected wirelessly and system administrators can determine when and where a switch has been triggered.

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