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Whiskey Glasses

Designer Glasses for Optimal Enjoyment

Whiskey Glasses

An Australian manufacturer asked Brash to design a range of Whiskey Glasses that use a soapstone coaster to cool the contents of the glass without diluting the drink. This design is based upon the use of whiskey stones.

Industrial Design

Brand strategy

Concept Generation

User Research



Parts Sourcing

Design Array

The design team developed a number of options which included several different geometries, stone types and other materials. The key to ensuring that the temperature of the whiskey would decrease was dependent on a number of criteria including the thickness of the glass, the amount of area making contact between the stone and the glass base and the initial temperature of liquid.

Aesthetic Design

The final design focused around a male/female interaction between the coaster and the glass. This design allowed for double the surface area and allowed the coaster to reach the mid-areas of the glass to initiate cooling. The client was thrilled and the glasses began production in the summer of 2018.

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