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A doctor using an iPad or tablet to review a patient's x-ray.

Client Sectors

From sleek barware to advanced medical robotics, our team

crafts products stemming from any idea for any industry.

Logos of our different clients.

Medical Products that benefit patients and business.

Brash’s multi-disciplinary team has helped develop and bring over a dozen medical devices to market. Since our inception, Brash has partnered with medical device companies to create new technologies and augment existing products to improve the lives and treatment of patients.We have developed a variety of products within the medical devices field. These range from patient handling devices and maxillary expanders, to patient wearables and solutions for the proper administration of medication.

Our team has experience in both developing new medical technologies, as well as working within existing product lines to enhance them with smarter, more intuitive tech. We have brought products through regulatory compliance.

Our key areas of expertise include medical robotics, data analytics and machine learning, IOT devices, mechanical engineering, enclosure design, and UI/UX.


Consumer Products with unforgettable experiences.

From constructing accessories for competitive eSports athletes, to developing home automation systems for the elderly, Brash has helped bring over a dozen consumer products to market. Our multi-disciplinary team consists of industrial designers, firmware engineers, data scientists, and researchers– united to make products that are intuitive, engaging, and augmented with new technology. We have developed products for an array of industries including medical and dental, consumer electronics, sporting goods, and housewares. 

We provide all the necessary mechanical, electrical, software, and industrial design support to develop virtually any product. Our areas of expertise include artificial intelligence, UI/UX design, machine learning, medical device development, advanced algorithms, and enclosure design. Some clients have sought us out to bring innovation and creativity to their existing products. 


Robust and efficient Commercial Products.

The Brash development team has over a decade of experience in creating products and services for the professional sector. Our expertise in user experience, user interfaces, branding, software, and technological design has helped companies scale and improve their overall internal operations and work flow. 

Whether it is creating custom driver-scoring algorithms to measure usage-based insurance, or developing a low-cost solution for remote diagnostics of devices, there is no problem too complex for our team. Brash can work within any company’s guidelines and policies to deliver services that elevate the business by leveraging new technologies. We are flexible enough to work with our client’s employees to ensure that what we build works for the people who use it. 

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