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Helping to Ensure Proper Dosage


Breathesuite’s mission is to allow patients to use their inhalers properly, as about 94% of inhalers are used incorrectly. Brash was tasked to design a solution to help patients use their inhalers appropriately, with specific focus on developing a proper breathing technique. They designed an add-on that attaches to all different types of Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI).

Industrial Design

Product Design

User Experience Design


Material Sourcing

Design for Manufacture

Brand Development

Graphic Design


Prototyping and Model Making

Supply and Logistics


AI and Data Science

Systems Design

Mechanical Design

Firmware Development

PCB Design

Component Sourcing

Risk Analysis

Kinematic and Dynamic Modelling

Quality Management

Sensor Processing


Ensuring proper dosage

Brash’s team designed the physical enclosure of the Breathesuite Add-On. There were challenges in designing a device that could not only integrate with existing MDI inhalers, but was also easy to connect, compact enough to carry on a daily basis, had optimal battery life, and did not further complicate inhaler use. It also had to comply with medical device standards. Brash designed the firmware, hardware and PCB. They also changed the device battery from rechargeable to disposable to improve battery life and power optimization. Brash also developed advanced algorithms to enhance the machine’s learning capabilities and make it smarter.

Mobile App Integration

This Add-On pairs with a mobile application that measures and tracks real-time usage, technique and adherence of inhalers. Patients can take control of their inhaler usage by monitoring and improving how they are using their device and ensure they are properly taking their medication. Breathesuite’s platform allows for doctors and caregivers to keep track of a patient’s inhaler usage and is easily integrated with electronic medical records. This system of Add-On, app, and platform provides a more personalized and efficient treatment.

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