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Two people at a digital cash register, one person is paying with their mobile phone, the other is holding an NFC scanner that enables the digital payment using tap.


At Brash, we are leaders in the pursuit to deliver truly innovative products. Our team of designers and engineers work cohesively to craft tailor-made and revolutionary products. We partner with up-and-coming entrepreneurs, rising startups and established businesses to create custom and turnkey solutions across industries.

Industrial Design

Our team fuses form and function to design products that puts the user first through an iterative process that considers the connection between the user, product, and environment.

Online Shopping

UX / UI Design

We curate the customer journey through the overall feel and experience of a product, as well as the intuitive interactions between the customer, the product, and the company.

Image by Marvin Meyer


We create strategic branding that weaves together a cohesive and distinct identity through visuals like logos, fonts, colours, symbolic elements to differentiate companies and their products.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng


Brash's team of engineers conceptualise, analyze, design and construct physical objects, devices, structures and systems considering their individual parts and motions. Mechanical engineering pulls a glimmer of an idea into reality using a whole lot of physics, math and caffeine.

Image by nandito f

Mechatronics + Robotics

Meeting at the intersections of mechanics, electronics and computing design, we are at the forefront of technologies in mechatronics and robotics— specialities of ours that require expertise in these complex and interconnected fields.

Electrical engineer working on circuit b

PCB Design + Hardware

Hardware, like PCBs, are the arteries and organs essential to bringing any electronic device to life. Our team of professionals meticulously devises

the schematics and design necessary for electronics to function.

Image by Clint Patterson


We connect the unconnected— adding digital intelligence to virtually any physical object through wireless networks and unlocking the potential for transforming the way we interact with our environments and do just about anything.

Programming Console

Frontend + Backend

Jack of all trades, we offer full stack services developing both client and server software, providing a holistic perspective on all aspects of new and upcoming technologies.

Image by Michael Dziedzic


Firmware, where software and hardware coexist, and where we boast development services to provide innovative solutions with embedded systems.

Image by Remy Gieling

Manufacturing and Modelling

Visual and physical representations are a crucial component in moving a product to market. As part of our iterative process and craft, protyping and modelling allow the opportunity to examine, analyze and improve a product during the development journey.

Our model makers allows our clients the flexibility to develop fully functioning models before investing into large scale tooling. A thorough DFM process ensures that models are engineered and fabricated to the highest standards and work just as production parts do. 

Once satisfied with the model, we can begin manufacturing quotes depending on quantity, price, timing and location. We take care of all the tooling, part sourcing, assembly, packaging and logistics. If certification is required, we can help with that as well. 

"For anyone looking for an organization to help with product development, design or any other product related needs, I could not recommend Brash strongly enough!"

Brett Vokey
Founder at BreatheSuite




Brett Vokey, CEO of BreatheSuite

Full List of Services

industrial design

user experience design

user interface design

brand & product strategy


colors, materials and finishes (CMF)

trend analysis & competitive landscape

human factors & ergonomics

graphic design

visual renders


mechanical engineering

electrical engineering

firmware development

supply chain management

system architecture

application development

competitive audits

design research

product architecture

user testing

design for manufacture

marketing imagery

investor decks

ethnographic research

product road mapping

interaction design

web development


PR & marketing support

artificial intelligence

data science

PCB design

prototyping and model making

systems design

machine learning



vision systems design

quality management (QSM)

kinetic & dynamic modelling

design for regulatory standards

risk analysis

advanced control systems

internet of things (IOT)

compliance and regulatory standards

sensor processing




testing validation

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