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A photograph of employees working at their desks at the Brash Product Development Inc. headquarters in Ottawa.


Intuitive Design. Precision Engineering.
Relentless Innovation.

We are Brash.

Product Development Guide  printed book on the typical process in developing a new product from idea to market launch.

Learn about our Product Development Process.

Download our
Development Guide

Woman using Brash App

We are one with people.

Elevating products using a user-centred approach.

We focus on the user in every step of development. Our team researches, analyzes and experiments to create remarkable products and experiences for people-- with some style.
Product lineup of smart tracking IoT devices in white and grey including wristband wearables and standalone GPS/ Bluetooth trackers.

We are the total package.

Our turnkey solutions take napkin sketches to store shelves.

Whether it's starting the next big idea or revamping an existing one, we partner with our clients to deliver customized solutions from the initial scribble to market, and anywhere in between.

We are noisemakers.

Creating disruptions that stand out in a crowd.

Here at Brash we strive for innovation and to set our clients' products apart from their sector.
A closeup photo of a printed circuit board (PCB) with the Brash logo on it.

We are a motley crew.

Pairing diverse expertise and insatiable curiosity.

We are in the business of collectively finding creative solutions to interesting problems. Our 10+ years of experience and wide range of knowhow moves ideas off the ground and onto shelves.
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