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Designing Fitness for Corporate Culture


MoveCoach is a coaching first fitness platform which encourages people to get up and get active. The company prides itself on developing a plan that can help people at any level reach new heights in their fitness goals. MoveCoach focuses on getting workplaces moving, including companies like Visa, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and many more.

Industrial Design

User Experience Design

User Interface Design
User Research

Graphic Design

Brand Strategy and Development

Concept Generation



As the UX/UI team for MoveCoach, Brash was tasked with the ongoing development and design of a platform which is constantly evolving. Generating new ways to display information which is easy to understand and effectively shows progress is often difficult, especially when users do not belong to any specific demographic. Brash worked closely with MoveCoach’s back-end team to generate an array of options which were exhaustively tested before release.

Branding and Graphic Design

Along with UX/UI design, Brash was also asked to assist with other areas, including graphic and web design and marketing and branding materials.

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