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Helping Anesthesiologists and their Patients


ORPrep was developed for anesthesiologists to properly prepare their patients for upcoming major and minor surgeries. The software guides patients as to when they should stop their medications depending on the type of surgery they are having and other over the counter drugs they are using.

Industrial Design

UX Design


Graphic Design


Web Development

Web Development

System Architecture

Database Generation

Usability Design

The ORPrep design was meant to limit clicks and allow doctors to quickly setup their patient's schedule. The system allows doctors to attach their own documents to add to the schedule which pertain to types of foods and liquids which can and can't be taken on the days coming up to the surgery.

The design uses very clear identifiers and a truly remarkable flow to simplify a normally extensive process. Predictive search allows users to quickly find and add medications. This system is just as easy for the user, as the schedule is then able to reintegrated into the patients calendar.

Medication Database

A full database of medications and their interactions was developed for the software. More than 500 different medications were incorporated and

Built-in AI develops a plan to suit each patient specifically. Doctors can adjust specific medication timelines as they wish.

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