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Asset Tracking Hardware

Velavu™ Asset Tracking Hardware

Our work with velavu perfectly exemplifies the end-to-end solutions our team provides to startups or growing businesses. We take the conceptual and transform it into market-ready products and a fully-branded business. Starting with the hardware for velavu, our team of engineers and industrial designers created the three devices needed to perform both global and local positioning, but are also equipped with sensors to provide additional environmental monitoring of conditions like temperature, humidity, orientation, etc. These ruggedised devices are IP67 waterproof to withstand harsh elements, but still deliberately designed to look impossibly sleek.

Industrial Design


Use Cases

Concept Generation

User Analysis

Material Research





UI/UX Design




System Architecture

Asset Tracking


PCB Design


Mechanical Design

Enclosure Design

Firmware Development

Dev Ops

Ease of Integration

Since customer's ease of use was high priority for velavu, our full-stack software developers created the cloud-based software and mobile app that allows velavu users to automatically install devices by tapping with their mobile phone. Managing the ecosystem reflects this same ease, as customers can access velavu on either their desktop or mobile device— each equipped with an intuitive user interface. Continuing on the theme of ease, the visual design and branding of velavu also echos this feeling of ease, with a minimalist and light design across all visual elements our team created for velavu. Their logo, company colours, website, marketing materials were crafted by our design and marketing team to maintain consistent tone and synonymous experiences across velavu.

Keeping Things Small and Mighty

The complexity of the Velavu hardware really relies in how to keep the form factor minimal while getting as much output as possible. This is often dictated by battery size, signal strength, and information requests. Our engineers were able to get more than a years worth of life out of the size of a tag that is about the size of a quarter. This allows warehousing companies, shippers, farmers, construction teams to keep track of their tools and products with very little interference.

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